What is this Business Valuation Calculator?

This EzValuationPro online business valuation calculator is designed to produce accurate company valuations for small to mid-size businesses quickly and at a low cost.

Our online company valuation software asks questions about the business and produces reports in PDF format. The process takes about forty-five minutes to an hour to complete for each company.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

This company valuation software is designed for financial professionals such as accountants, loan officers, business buyers, and business brokers. It can also be used by business owners who have a basic understanding of financial statements. A good rule of thumb is that if you do not understand the difference between cash and accrual accounting methods you should probably use a more basic online calculator or have someone assist you. We can provide assistance by telephone or in person if required. A simpler, less-complex calculator is also available.

What You Need

To estimate the value of a business with this calculator you will need the following:

  • A basic understanding of the company involved.
  • Your most recent full year's financial statements financial statements or tax returns (two or three year's of financial statements preferred)
  • Year to date income statements for the current year and for the corresponding period of the prior year (optional).
  • Fair market values (estimated) of real estate and property, plant and equipment that will be included in the sale.

Ready to Begin Appraising a Company?

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  • Ability to weight years
  • Adjustment from cash to accrual basis
  • Adjustment for a partial year (if the year is well underway)
  • Ability to edit data (play what if, complete process in several sessions)
  • And more